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High Blood Pressure Side Effects

Being in tune with your body can help you to recognize high blood pressure side effects. This is true even though both doctors and health literature have conflicting opinions on whether or not there are any true high blood pressure side effects. The truth of the matter is that there are warning signs to high blood pressure only they are often interpreted as other health problems until it is too late and you are laid up with a stroke or heart attack.

Over half of persons with high blood pressure don't understand that they have it and yet if they were more in tune with their bodies, they could more accurately interpret those warning signs of high blood pressure side effects.

To begin with, if you have a family history of high cholesterol or heart problems, you will desire to keep closer tabs on the different changes in your body. do not simply ignore previous genetic history as it's your most relevant warning sign of possible high blood pressure side effects. Of course, each person is different and those without a previous family history of heart problems can also develop hypertension.

What warning signs should you look for to recognize high blood pressure side effects?

Light-headedness is one of the many high blood pressure side effects that are often attributed to other causes. Fainting and dizziness are included in the warning signs but it is rather easy to understand why they may not be attributed to hypertension at first. Dehydration or not eating can easily cause the same symptoms.

Heart palpitations and headaches are two additional red flags that can be linked to high blood pressure side effects.  Sometimes, you could get headaches when blood rushes to your head and sometimes it seems as if you feel your head throbbing to the beat of your heart. Now headaches can be attributed to almost any health condition but heart palpitations should give you a clue as to the fact that something is not right with your blood pressure. Heart palpitations typically only occur when your heart has trouble keeping up with the rest of your body pumping oxygen to all your vital organs and limbs.

A flushed face and sweating are two additional high blood pressure side effects that often blamed on other conditions. Many people with hypertension get a flushed face, even without exertion, because the heart is pumping overtime to keep your oxygenated blood circulating. The stress on your heart could make you sweat as if you were indeed engaged in some type of physical activity.

The only way to truly attribute those high blood pressure side effects to hypertension is to visit with your doctor. A simple blood pressure reading will tell you whether or not you have cause for concern. And if you are one of those people who get anxious at the doctor's office, invest in a simple blood pressure machine and keep a daily log of your blood pressure. Two excellent brands are the Omron blood pressure monitor and the Lifesource blood pressure monitor. You can find others as well by looking for home blood pressure monitor reviews. Keeping track of your blood pressure readings will tell you within a week or two whether or not those headaches or sweating episodes just might be high blood pressure side effects.

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