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The 8 Most Effective African Natural Hypertension Cures

Natural cures are "in" these days with more people than ever wanting to decrease their reliance on prescription drugs. In African, natural hypertension cures are being studied for their effectiveness in helping to cure or alleviate hypertension in adults.

For centuries, medicinal plants have been an important part of African cultures. Now, a team of researchers in South Africa initially begin studying 16 native African plants to test their effectiveness as natural hypertension cures. Those sixteen plants have now been narrowed down to eight herbs that lower blood pressure. These plants show real promise as treatments for hypertension and high blood pressure. The 8 plants were chosen mainly for their promise in replicating the effects of prescription drugs which rely on ACE inhibitors for their effectiveness.

ACE inhibitors, are a group of pharmaceuticals that are successfully used worldwide to lower high blood pressure and reduce hypertension in patients.

The 8 African plants that have thus far shown the most promise as being natural hypertension cures by showing significant ACE inhibitor qualities are:

Amaranthus dubius - a flowering plant also known by the common name of Spleen Amaranth

Amaranthus hybridus - a flowering plant also known by common names of Slim Amaranth, Smooth Pigweed, and Red Amaranth.

Asystasia gangetica -  an ornamental, ground cover known as Chinese violet. Also used in Nigerian folk medicine for the management of asthma.

Galinsoga parviflora - a herbaceous plant from the daisy familiy. It has many common names including Gallant Soldier, Guasca, and Galinsoga.

Justicia flava - also known as yellow justicia and taken for coughs and treatment of fevers  It is widespread and occurs all over South Africa.

Oxygonum sinuatum - a common weed found in most parts of South Africa. This herb works as an ACE inhibitor. It helps by relaxing the blood vessels and thereby, allowing blood to flow freely and the blood pressure to be reduced.

Physalis viscosa - a common weed also known as Starhair Ground Cherry

Tulbaghia violacea - a bulb like plant, also known as Wild Garlic. Certain medications call ACE inhibitors work by reducing blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzymes.

They work by stopping the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Agiotensin II, constricts blood vessels. If a medication or herb prevents this conversion, the blood vessels do not constrict. Hence, the blood flow is not restricted and the blood pressure is reduced. The plant extract, Tulbaghia violacea, is especially effective in inhibiting angiotensin II from forming.

In tests, Tulbaghia violacea was the South African plant that showed the most promise of being a natural hypertension cure. In the performed tests, it showed an ACE inhibition effect of more than 50%.The plant is part of the garlic family and has been used by many native South African people for many other illnesses such as headaches, fevers, stomach problems, and others. In prior tests, it has also shown an ability to reduce the diastolic blood pressure in patients within less than 8 hours after consumption.

Many people take drugs such as Ambien to relive insomnia. But how do Ambien and high blood pressure drugs mix. Similarly, many people use drugs such as Claritin for their allergies. And, likewise, how do Claritin and high blood pressure mix. Being afraid of drug interactions, some with hypertension look to solve their high blood pressure problems in other ways.

However, herbs can cause drug interactions the same as synthetic drugs. Therefore, if you are taking other drugs, be sure that your doctor is aware of these medications as well. He can then advise you on how to proceed.

The research has been conducted by Irene Mackraj, S. Ramesar, and H. Baijnath, all from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa,

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